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Gordon Crann
Mar 04, 2021 7:30 AM
Rotary 7 th area of Focus - Environment
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Mar 11, 2021
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Mar 18, 2021
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Mar 25, 2021
Blackburn Brew House
Mar 26, 2021 7:00 PM
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Feb 26, 2021 7:00 PM
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Niagara Falls Sunrise

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Virtual Bingo - Feb 26 2021
Club awards  2019-20
Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise.  Not only did all your efforts have Rotary International grant the club the Rotary Club Citation (2019-20), but RI has announced that we are one of two Clubs in the District to receive this award with the Platinum distinction!  
We also earned the District 7090 Lighthouse award. and the Polio recognition award for financial support.  All three of these represent high honours for the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise.  They demonstrate every members' efforts to "Service above Self" for our community. 
What we are up to!
We were very pleased to have Gord Crann speak to our club on the addition of Protect the Environment as a New Area of Focus for Rotary International.
  • Gord Crann completed his BA degree in Geography and his MA degree in Public Administration both at the University of Toronto, and his LL.B. degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.
  • He has served on numerous non-profit and charity boards including being Chair of the Nuclear Weapons Legal Action, President of Environmental Defence and Vice-President of World Federalists of Canada.
  • He is currently President of the Rotary E-Club of Southern Ontario – Western New York and Past Chair of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP).
  • From 2010 to June 2014, Gord was an Executive Officer of the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development (RAGM), including 2012-13 RAGM Chair and President.
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NF Sunrise Meeting Feb 18 2021
Good attendance today.....  Especially wonderful to see your Club member and friend,Tim Zavitz join us this morning.
Our speaker today was the MP for the Niagara Falls (NOTL and Fort Erie) riding Tony Baldinelli.  He spoke principally on the COVID 19 Crisis and the programs that the Federal Government implemented throughout the past year.  There was an interesting Q&A period after.
Not our normal Zoom Meeting.  Chef Josh Berry, the executive Chef at 13th St. Winery, presented an entertaining evening showing us how to do something different for the Holiday dinner. Watch the video to see how to do a simple baked Brie with cranberry and roasted walnuts. Then Josh will show you a simple sausage stuffing and how to stuff a Turkey Breast.   The result is a delicious difference to your Christmas Dinner.
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The Bus is empty!!
Our Rotary Club Members and with family and friends were there to unload the bus for The Soup Kitchen.
Thanks to the generosity of Niagara Falls citizens for donating food for the Kitchen. The bus was full and all of it very much needed. In this pandemic times, they are feeding almost 200 people a day. 
Wine Social on Zoom  Nov 26, 2020
Entertaining Learning about Malivoire Wines with Stephan Gash
NF Rotary Sunrise members enjoyed a very delightful session with the General Manager of Malivoire Wines, Beamsville ON.
Stephan explained why the Niagara Region has become world renowned for it's wine and how to judge a good wine.  As he explained all this we were able to understand by experiencing a wonderful example of Malivoire's 2019 Small Lot Gamay.
Watch the video and learn.  Oh!.... Don't forget to open and enjoy the wine as you do!
Go to  sitepage/zoom-meetings   for the YouTube link
Meeting Nov 19 2020
Great Meeting for Friends and Fellowship.  Our speaker today was the Executive Director of the Niagara Falls Downtown BIA.  Amanda MacDonald is an energetic and ambitious supporter of the Downtown area of Niagara Falls.  In fact in order to recognize the depth of the area, she now is promoting what was always referred to as the Queen Street BIA as the "Downtown BIA".  Her association is multi-dimensional in efforts to support and improve the area for business, and residents of the area.
Go to the following to see the entire presentation:  sitepage/zoom-meetings
Meeting Nov 12 2020
Welcome Wayne Gates to our meeting. 
Truly a gentleman that demonstrates our Rotary Motto: Service Above Self
Go to the Zoom Page for full video of Wayne's presentation
it has taken a few years, but we were very pleased to have Quinton speak at today's meeting about the life long value being an Exchange student to japan and a RYLA grad has meant to him.
Go to the Zoom Page for the full meeting presentation:  sitepage/zoom-meetings
Loraine is with Niagara's Habitat for Humanity organization. It was a wonderful explanation of some of the features that one fails to recognize about this tremendous asset to the Niagara Region.  It's a "Hand Up; not a Hand Out" as see mentioned the structure of an organization that provides housing for people that is geared to family income.  Consider their Re-Store the next time your are renovating.
Dr. Ron Mergl Memorial Participate for Polio2020
The Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise is participating in the Dr Ron Mergl Memorial "Participate for Polio 2020" event
We have nominated two riders to represent the club.    Demonstrating the diversity of our club we have the young 27 year old Dale Hall and the 72 year old (but still capable) underdog David Berry.   Recognize that Dale is a Nationally recognized Rugby athlete the has  ridden 250 km a day on his new expensive bike, while the older David is riding his 18 year old bike and feels lucky to get 50 km in a day. 
Yes this is a Challenge!   We are asking every member (and their friends) to support at least one of the riders with a $50 USD ($70 CDN) donation to the Rotary Foundation Polio fund.  The more donations to the rider of your choice, will give them support and drive to complete the ride.
So donate to either Dale the young athlete, or Dave the elderly underdog at their “” site.
   see our DG on the Challenge
Meeting Aug 13 2020
Great meeting this morning.   Our Speaker was Barb Horning of Giant FM radio.   She gave us all an enlighten view of the Radio Industry during a pandemic.  Barb stressed that her radio stations are what she called "Local Community Stations".  She pointed out that their mission as a company has always been to accommodate local partners as clients.  At the beginning of the pandemic they lost some of their major large corporate client and so had to lay off 1/2 of the staff.  It was by their efforts to accommodate the local businesses that has saved them from disaster over the last 6 month.  We all as a Rotary Club have been on the right side of their community approach.  They attend and promote our events.  With their efforts we both benefit.   Thank you Barb for your visit this morning.
Some Announcements:
  1. Yes Taylor and Dale are getting married this weekend.  Rumours are that Jenn is organizing a "Drive By" for 4 o'clock at the gazebo.
  2. The members (with a quorum, voted to adopt 3 new types of Memberships for our club; Corporate, Associate and Spousal.  Click following  See attached
  3. We discussed the Goals set for the club especially the "Light-house" award presented by the District.  All Goals will be brought back to the membership for review.
See the following link for the entire video of the meeting:  sitepage/zoom-meetings
A tremendous success, thanks to 28 volunteers contributing 250 hours.  The result is badly needed revenue for our Community Service committee.  100% of the profits for all Rotary fundraisers go to the community.  Thank you Niagara for helping Rotary help your community.
uly 23 2020
Mati Fuller Left us all with so much to think about. Her presentation of Racism, opened our perspective to the history, issues and even answered our questions on what we can do to address this social wrong. Thank you Mati, your intelligence and passion are a true example of the hope we see in our future.
To view the entire meeting go to  sitepage/zoom-meetings 
We were all pleased that 2 missing members were able to joins this morning.  Doug Fraser was finally able to convince his wife to help him getting on zoom; and Carrie Zeffiro now has two job and neither require her to be at work at 7:30 am. 
Our speaker was a young entrepreneur, Karlene Markham.  She had an excellent presentation on Essential Oils, Their use in history, the types of oils available and how she claims they are remedies for a lack of energy or vitality, Sleep issues, Chronic Pain, and Emotional struggles.   After an energetic Q& A session, we promised to provide Karlene's email address if there were more Questions 
For a look at the entire meeting go to the Zoom meeting Page 
  1. Guests
    • Darren and Graham from the United Kingdom
    • Fred Batson from Buffalo (Our Honourary Member for the summer)
    • Yolanda from NOTL (with Tabitha Foundation)
    • Janne Ritskes (Our Speaker)
  2. Dues will be Due July 1st.   Notice will be sent shortly. 
  3. Bursary Update.... Still in Research stage
Our Speaker:  Janne Ritskes (Founder of Tabitha Foundation)
In 1994, the Tabitha Foundation was founded in Canada to support aid efforts begun by Janne Ritskes.  Their work focuses on the poorest of the poor in Cambodia, a country decimated by the Pol Pot regime in 1975-79 which promoted enforced starvation, mass executions and slave labour.
The name Tabitha refers to a disciple in the Bible who was “full of good works and acts of charity”.
Tabitha currently works with 38,000 people in 12 provinces of the country. Since 1994, Tabitha has lifted more than 4.6 million Cambodians out of poverty and despair, into lives of dignity, hope and active participation in their communities. Out of a population of 14 million, Tabitha’s impact on Cambodia is huge. [source: ]
Tabitha Foundation has a tremendous record of success with programs such as:
  • Savings Program
  • Wells
  • House Building
  • Cottage Industry
  • Building Schools
  • Women’s Hospital
All programs following the principles of our Rotary Foundation.  Aide based on the principle of a “Hand up; rather than a Handout”.   All Programs require recipient participation  with  planned sustainability.
The international Committee lead by Don Cruikshank has been a contribitor to The Tabitha Foundation for several years.  Watch the presentation by Janne Ritskes to learn more about this tremendous organization that is a definition of the word "Charity".
go to Zoom Meeting Page for YouTube link 
May 28 2020
Getting your Opinions
Can you spot the visitors ???
  • Darren Hands;  Plymouth UK
  • Viti from Baja, a small town on the Danube river in Hungary. ( a friend of Zoltan and Suzanna
  • Fred Batson;   Our 'summer time member from Buffalo NY
After an introduction by our guests and announcements by Dale we had a very spirited discussion on a Scholarship proposal being considered for our 'Meeting' Funds.   Dale said that the funds that we generate so far have paid for meals, and PPE for front line workers along with Tablets for Long Term Care facilities.  He suggests that since students are unable to work this summer, 2 or 3 scholarships for 1st year students going into Colleges or Universities.   Listen to the suggestions brought out by our members.  If you have any additional ideas, email Dale Hall.
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