Auction Schedule   2021
Online input ends (Wizard turned Off)     Oct 22, 2021
Script Editing                                                Nov 3, 2021
All Script, photos upload to site                Nov 15. 2021
Items must be in W/H                                 Nov 26, 2021
Auction open for bidding on line               Nov 24, 2021
TV Auction                                                    Dec 2, 3, & 4, 2021
Warehouse                                                   Dec 3, 4, 5, 6, &7
The Rotary TV Auction is one of two major fund raisers for the Niagara Falls Sunrise Club.  It is probably the easiest form of raising money for the community we do.  Next time you are in a store, offer the manager a great marketing opportunity by donating by donating to the Rotary TV Auction. It's a simply yes / no question.  But as a Rotarian your effort will benefit your community.
Last year has proven that the On-line Auction is the best way to do this.
The TV auction will continue as an ON-LINE Bidding process.  We will still be broadcasting a 3 day auction, but instead of bidding on the phone, the public can go on-line a full week before the televised auction, view the product and start bidding right away. 
This is a huge advantage to all three parties....
a) The public.....  More household will have access to see the bid process.  They can use their smart phone or a computer. They can see the pictures of the products and read a detailed description.   Anyone... Anywhere can participate.
b) The Donor....  The Donor will get more bang (advertising) for their company. Their company products will be viewed for an entire week by an much larger audience beyond just Cogeco customers.  The 'world' can participate in this auction.  The audience is larger and the donor will get more exposure.
c) The Rotary Clubs.....  The should be a much greater return for your efforts.  (More $$$$)
The Donation is a Marketing Opportunity for the Donor!
  1. Every donation gives them 10 minutes of free air time to 100,000 viewers, and a full week of exposure on the internet to 400,000 people in Niagara.
  2. A picture and full product description will be viewed on the website.
  3. The donor will write the script that will be presented for the auction.
  4. The donor company is recognized as having integrity with a community conscience.
  5. Donations shown on website can hyperlink to donors website
The Donation is an opportunity to help the community.
Consider these Beneficiaries:
  • Autism Niagara
  • Bethesda Services
  • Bethlehem Project
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • City of Niagara Falls
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Education Foundation of Niagara•
  • Family and Children’s Services•
  • Greater Niagara General Hospital•
  • Heartland Forest•
  • Heart Niagara•
  • Hospice Niagara•
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara
  • Momentum Choir•
  • Niagara Health System•
  • Niagara Nutrition Partners•
  • Pathstone Mental Health•
  • Positive Living Niagara
  • Project SHARE•
  • St. John Ambulance•
  • Touch a Truck•
  • Wellspring Niagara•
  • Women’s Place of South Niagara
What is the best return for the Rotary Club?
On the average, Donations yield 60% of their stated value.   History has proven that some products are proven to have a greater return to the Club.   
  • Major Sports Tickets will yield 100% of their ticket Price.   XXXX  Please be aware that due to COVID, Events in New York state are probably best not accepted.  Have the donor switch to a restaurant Gift Certificate to Support local businesses.
  • Restaurants are an excellent value to the club and the public
  • Items that people will generally purchase anyway are bid up by the public.  (Hair Cuts etc...)
  • Cash is accepted and will be recognized in the flyer, on air and in the website. (The return to Rotary for a cash donation is 100%)
Jim's hints to get more Donations
We must recognize Jim Sissions as the "King" of TV auction.  Annually he railroads asks everyone he knows to donate.  His efforts last year (with his small band of Merry men People) yielded 75.4% of the value of all Sunrise donations.  Let's learn from Jim so that we can do better this year.  Here are some of his schemes to get donations.
  • Just do it.   As you are doing business with a company all the time, tell them that you want them to help Rotary Help Their Community.  Donors need to be aware that their generosity can help.
  • If you get a cash donation of $100.  Tell the donor that you will double the benefit donation by going to a restaurant and paying them the $100 for $200 worth of gift certificate.  The Donor gets recognized, the restaurant is advertised and the $100 pays for their food and labour costs.
  • Be careful when using this one.....   Jim will simply say "How much is it worth for you to get rid of me?". 
Comments from Carrie
“The next time you are out for dinner consider asking your favourite restaurant for a gift certificate, you could ask your hair salon, the person who does your taxes, the place you get your oil changed.  You may have a wealthy friend or family member who may want to give you some cash which can be used to buy gift certificates.  Some businesses who want to support us also can give a cash gift and we can use it to purchase restaurant gift certificates or gift cards from the LCBO.  Do you or your friends have access to seasons tickets for a sports team.  The possibilities are as big as your imagination.