Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

April 30 2020
Again we were pleased to welcome visitors:
  • Anna Antalfavi - Hungary
  • Elisa Lake - Caribbean Islands 
  • Jason Cherry - Brantford Ontario
  • Tara McKendrick - Niagara falls ON
Anna was our Exchange Student for 2018-19.  It was a pure pleasure to talk to her before the meeting. She too is doing her studies by Distance Ed, but right now is studying for one final exam and hopes to get into university for Sports Psychology.   All the best to Anna.
Dale presented a report on the items that our club and contributed to assist in this crisis period.  We have purchased 100 masks and will make available to members in need.  The 'feed' the Hero"  program has spend $1,484 to date, while the Community Kitchen received $1,350 for supplies to feed those in need.  Jim Sissons gave a report on the Rotary North American Golf tournament.  All looks good as far as organization is concerned, but the "Go-No go" date will be June 1st
Our presentor for this morning was Tara McKendrick, a director of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Niagara.  Tara gave a wide ranging talk on the affects of the Pandemic on the CMHC and people in general.  Their operation is now totally on line wirh most staff working on line from home.  Their crisis line and community support systems are available but surprisingly they are, like police, EMT and ambulance, finding less demand.  Tara feels that when concerns are directed towards survival issues and expect a 'rush' when the Physical Distancing is over.  Note she is making a point to call this Physical and not Social Distancing.  In truth this is what it is, while the word social leads to isolation and loneliness.
To see and hear the full meeting go to:  Zoom Meeting Page