Speakers Dr. Douglas Thompson, from the Rotary Club of Stratford and David Knoppert, from the Rotary Club of London-Lambeth, spoke about various humanitarian efforts in Nicaragua and fundraising.
David spoke about the many negative impacts of biomass (fallen tree branches and dung) cooking in third world countries. 3 billion people on earth eat meals cooked over an open fire. 4 million people die yearly from the smoke produced cooking this way. A helpful solution to this problem is the Justa stove (above). They use 50 to 80% less wood and cost $150 each. They are built from locally sourced materials. The benefits are that women stand when they cook so have fewer muscular and burn injuries. Since less wood is needed, reforestation projects are more successful.
Inspired by Terry Fox, David raises funds for these projects by selling sponsorship for his virtual stationary bike tour across Canada. He has tour across Canada and at this point is just a few days ride from St. John's.  
Their presentation was very well received and included many promises to support this worthy project.
Go to YouTube:  https://youtu.be/11_DFTDpgAg     (44 minutes)