We are really please that our own Rotarian Brian Kon was the speaker at this Thursday's meeting.  Especially on the Canada's first Day of Truth and Reconciliation.  Brian has earned recognition as a leader and educator for the First Nations of Canada.  We are all proud to recognize that having him speak to this club on this day was an honour.
The video attached is a MUST view for all!   We were to learn history in order to prevent repeating our errors of the past.  Reconciliation is the attempt made by individuals and institutions to raise awareness about colonization and its ongoing effects on Indigenous peoples. Brian's presentation is a start to learn the truth about our past so that we can reconcile our errors and take action to change the future.
Thank you Brian; your lesson was well presented. It's up to us all to take action to change.
Go to https://youtu.be/rwy_h0biTAY  for the Youtube video