Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

The Presence and Power of youth was again demonstrated this morning though our speaker Jasmine Yaromich.  In 17 years, this young lady has accomplished so much to demonstrate the leader she will be in the future.  Her speech started by explaining the  drive she had even as a four year old to help others and do what was right.  If that was not enough to convince us of her powers, she completed her speech by giving us the TED Talk she presented at her school.  For those not present it is a 'must see' on Youtube...   Jasmine is a victim of sexual abuse.  Her speech explained how through therapy, friends, faith and family she was able to recognize that this was not her fault; that she was a victim, that could become a victor.  
We were all impressed with this young lady.  She has demonstrated her leadership in the community, her church, and her school.  She has received a differed admission to the University of Waterloo, for a Bachelor of Social Work, because next year she will be in Australia doing leadership training and then hopefully will travel to Thailand for missionary work. 
What a great candidate for a membership in a Rotaract Club when she returns.
Jasmine Yaromich, flanked by her proud mother Tracy (left) and aunt Rotarian Linda Booth