Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

May 14 2020
Link to YouTube Meeting May 14, 2020 in Zoom Meeting Page
Following a spirited opening in which Dave again forgot to Mute everyone, Dale outlined some of the club efforts during this last week on the Pandemic. 
  • Pizzas and Masks were delivered to both the Valley Park Lodge and The Queenston Place.  Wyne expressed a heartful thank you from all.
  • All the Masks that were purchased have been distributed
  • We have had a good response from other Rotary club.  To date 7 of the 9 tablets that are to be donated to Regional Long Term Care facilities.   These are to be used by residences to communicate with there families during the Lockdown.
Happy Hour
  • Jenn is happy that her boat is in the water; Her Horse is healthy and Her son is well trained even though he wakes up at 3 PM
  • Chuck was delighted to receive the promised Hamberger and Fries (With milk Shake) from Jim.
  • Bob Smith has a great dinner delivered by his kids and enjoyed while participating during a Zoom 'Dinner'
  • Jim Sissions has reported that the p[lanned Golf tournament has been cancelled due to COVID 19.  he said that this is disappointing but really is the best for the times.
Our Speaker today was our own Scott Wright.  He provided us with a detailed explanation of how the pandemic has affected his business and it's operation.  After a detailed description of the new processes to managing labour, Suppliers, Clients and Government Regulations, I heard a few members whisper "Thank God I've retired",   Listen to this excellent presentation starting just after 19:40 of the YouTube tape go to The Zoom meeting Page: