Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

Meeting Aug 13 2020
Great meeting this morning.   Our Speaker was Barb Horning of Giant FM radio.   She gave us all an enlighten view of the Radio Industry during a pandemic.  Barb stressed that her radio stations are what she called "Local Community Stations".  She pointed out that their mission as a company has always been to accommodate local partners as clients.  At the beginning of the pandemic they lost some of their major large corporate client and so had to lay off 1/2 of the staff.  It was by their efforts to accommodate the local businesses that has saved them from disaster over the last 6 month.  We all as a Rotary Club have been on the right side of their community approach.  They attend and promote our events.  With their efforts we both benefit.   Thank you Barb for your visit this morning.
Some Announcements:
  1. Yes Taylor and Dale are getting married this weekend.  Rumours are that Jenn is organizing a "Drive By" for 4 o'clock at the gazebo.
  2. The members (with a quorum, voted to adopt 3 new types of Memberships for our club; Corporate, Associate and Spousal.  Click following  See attached
  3. We discussed the Goals set for the club especially the "Light-house" award presented by the District.  All Goals will be brought back to the membership for review.
See the following link for the entire video of the meeting:  sitepage/zoom-meetings