Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

Feb 6th.    Very busy meeting! Introducing new and future Members!
We welcome Zoltan and Suzanna Maros as new members of the Niagara Falls Sunrise club.  From what we understand they both are experienced volunteers and will make great contributions to our community.
An ideal topic presented by our speaker.  Our own Justina Castrilli gave an excellent presentation on Volunteering.  She spoke eloquently and professionally, demonstrating a skill that most of us would envy.  She will have no problem doing well at the final presentation she has to make at her school. 
We also took the opportunity to recognize the dedication and commitment that Dennis Gilmore has given to this club and his community. His generosity has been recognized by RI with a second Paul Harris pin.  (One should recognize that at minimum wage, the amount of time Dennis spends working for this club would have easily gained him three more!)