Suzanne Court is the President and Founder of the RRPC Foundation. She attended our meeting this morning to tell us about her foundation that is helping the youth in Niagara that are in need of a Step up. 
Their Mission Statement says it best:
" .... dedicated to helping youth to navigate and succeed; providing opportunities for youth that may not exist for them currently ..."
Suzanne's ambition is to grow the success of the "Step Youth Resource Center" that she has organized in St. Catharines.  This is a place where homeless / troubled / confused or even just lost young people can "drop-in" and find people that will help them, listen to them and guide them to succeed in life.
Suzanne wants to expand this philosophy beyond the single facility in St. Catharines to the other centers in the Niagara Region.   
Her presentation can be viewed at (29 min)