It was a chilly Saturday morning, but a group of 12, seven Rotarians and 5 eager volunteers showed up to make a difference in our community.  David Arevalo-Reyes, Slapshot 2021 co-recipient took attendance and handed out bags and gloves to the team, while Dave Berry snapped some wonderful action shots. 
Well they say someone's trash is someone else's treasure, and although it was headless, we placed it on top of the 24 bags of garbage we collected.  An estimated 250lbs of garbage and recyclables was gathered during a 3 hours walk around the trail and road side.  
Groups started at both ends of the pathway and moved towards the middle.  Bags were so heavy we had to have the car come around a pick them up.  It was totally a group effort.  Despite the mud and the bag of rats, I think we could say the group had a positive life experience.  It is such a good feeling when you are cleaning up your community. Of course, as an added bonus, some passing cars honked and shouted out at us "good job".