Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise

Dave Weeks, the speaker we have at a meeting several weeks ago, was granted a small amount of money from our International Budget for two scholarships in the Guatemala town that assists him during his rescue efforts earlier this year.  Wearing our Rotary Shirt he presented the scholarship to two children and reports the following:.....................
Hello Don and club,
That is overwhelming news. I expect to see Yasmin Albano Garcia and Ariel Lazaro Martinez tomorrow, we are going back to the community tomorrow for a free medical clinic in the school, this will be a first time collaboration between HeliSOS the Air Ambulance/Search and Rescue company, and Power at Work.  Both kids should be there and I may meet their parents and many siblings.
I have met Elsa and hope to get a picture with her. Elsa is third year high school and in bilingual secretary program.
Both Yasmin and Ariel have been high performing students, Yasmin top of her class since kindergarten. She wants to be a teacher and he wants to be a lawyer. Ariel a very good student and best goalkeeper for many miles around.
Thank you again, this has been very exciting.