Well the icebreaker of two truths and a lie set the stage for a fun evening.  Sipping a cold beverage made by our local community partner, Blackburn brewery, a group of 17 rotarians and friends laughed and talked. 
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Adam and Arden shown here were just two of the Friends of Rotary that were recognized for their volunteer work. 

Dave Berry proved to be the most gullible in the crowd while Carling and Andrea showed they were not so easily fooled.
During the evening we recognized seven friends of rotary. We reacquainted with Scott who chose the Summer Social as his coming our event.  One past member came by to say hello and introduce some old friends to his new bride.  Five out of 7 or our upcoming inductees chatted with ten of our current members.  Another 10 guests came by to enjoy the Anchor bar wings and nibbles.

We were blessed with a perfect evening in a lovely venue. I could say that fun was had by all.  The feelings of gratitude to be able to once more have face to face events was the absolute highlight of the day!